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Replacement Sweeper and Floor Scrubber batteries
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Trojan T-105 Deep Cycle 6v Lead acid battery 225 amp hours Fullriver DC224-6 224 ah AGM Battery
List Price: $245.00
Our Price: $199.00
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List Price: $360.00
Our Price: $299.00
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Trojan T-105 Deep Cycle 6v Lead acid battery 225 amp hour FullRiver DC224-6 224 amp hour Deep Cycle AGM Battery
Trojan combines a thicker internal grid with their robust Maxguard T2 separator and high density paste to create an exceptional battery that outperforms its lead acid competitors. Trojan T105 advanced battery technology results in a longer battery life with lower maintenance costs, making it a great option for any Golf cart, scissor lift, or floor scrubber machine.The Trojan T-105 Deep cycle battery is part of T2 line of deep-cycle flooded batteries. Trojan engineered them to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance. The Fullriver FRGC2 (DC224-6) is a high performance AGM deep cycle battery. Due to the Fullriver's unique construction, it guarantees leak proof operation in any position. The AGM technology allows for a completely sealed maintenance-free battery with no need to add water. Fullriver batteries incorporate a built-in design that recombines over 99% of gases. The life span is 5 to 7 years. The Fullriver FRGC2 (DC224-6) is a direct replacement for any group GC2 lead-acid, GEL, or AGM batteries. Warranty is for 5 years.
Fullriver DC400-6 L16 415 ah AGM Battery
Our Price: $549.00
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Fullriver DC400-6 L16 AGM Battery
Fullriver DC400-6 L16 6v 415Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries are the best value on the market today if you're looking for a no-maintenance large capacity battery. Fullriver engineers met their goal of designing a Deep Cycle VRLA battery with the highest possible reserve capacity, longest cycle life and low internal resistance. The Fullriver DC400-6 L16 battery will give you a long life with unparalleled performance.