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Floor Scrubber Rentals

Walk behind floor scrubber Rentals, and Industrial Floor Cleaning machine rental
In the Southern California and surrounding Orange County area.
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Floor Scrubbers, or (concrete floor cleaners) contain water and cleaning solutions and will dispense the solution, scrub the floor, and using a squeegee picks up the dirty water and solution from the floor, leaving the concrete floors virtually dry. Both rider and walk behind floor scrubbers are available to rent in the Southern California and surrounding Orange County area. Walk behind floor scrubber rentals are perfect for 3000-35,000 sq ft. of cleanable space. Anything larger than that, and a rider floor scrubber rental is recommended. The riding floor scrubber rentals have larger water tanks and a wider scrub path covering more area in the same amount of time. Cylindrical model floor scrubbers will even pick up small debris like pallet chips as it scrubs the floor in the same pass.

Our Industrial floor cleaning machine rental equipment have to power to clean even the filthiest concrete warehouse floors, forklift tire marks, grease, oil, or just stubborn dirt and dust are no problem for these power floor scrubbers. Many people refer to these units as "Zamboni's" but there nothing like a Zamboni. Floor Scrubbers are made for cleaning concrete floors only.

Renting automatic floor scrubbers are a great alternative to power washing your concrete floors. Floor scrubbers use far less water than power washing and are much more time efficient than power washing.

Some industries don't require regular daily cleaning which is why we offer rental units. We offer daily floor scrubber rentals, along with weekly, and Monthly. We can even set you up on a monthly or by-monthly floor scrubber rental schedule to keep your warehouse facility, or parking structure looking clean. So schedule your warehouse floor cleaning machine rental today, and get your warehouse floors clean again.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Rentals Rider Tennant 7300 Floor Scrubber Rental
Daily Rate $275.00

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Daily Rate $450.00
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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Rental Rider Tennant 7300 Floor Scrubber Rental
Tennant 5680 and 5700 walk Behind floor scrubber rentals are available for rent in the Southern California area. Perfect for cleaning warehouse floors, Parking Structures, Shopping centers, or new construction clean up. Renting a walk behind floor scrubber rental is a quick and easy way to get your warehouse cleaned on a small budget. The Tennant 7300 floor scrubber rental is one of our largest battery powered floor scrubber rentals. Perfect for large food and beverage packing facilities that can not use LP inside.
Rider Tennant 7400 Floor Scrubber Rental Rider Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber Rental
Daily Rate $475.00

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Daily Rate $550.00
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Rider Tennant 7400 Floor Scrubber Rentals Tennant T20 Rider Floor Scrubber Rentals
The Tennant 7400 Rider Floor Scrubber Rental has always been known as the "Work horse" of the Industrial Cleaning Industry. The Tennant 7400 is available to rent In the Los Angeles, and Orange County area and can be delivered just about anywhere in Southern California. Also available in Long Beach, Carson, Commerce, City of Industry, and Anaheim. The propane powered Tennant T20 ride on floor scrubber rental is built for the most severe environments. The Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber Rental has an 80 gallon solution and 95 gallon recovery tanks to extend your empty refill cycles to insure maximum productivity. The Rental Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber has a 40'' scrub path. When it comes to industrial strength, The Tennant T20 Rental riding floor scrubber stands alone in productivity, and reliability. Not only available for delivery in Los Angeles, also available in Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove and Huntington Beach.
Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber Rental Rider Tennant 550 / 1550 Sweeper Scrubber Rental
Daily Rate $575.00
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Daily Rate $650.00
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Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber Rentals Tennant 550 1550 Sweeper Scrubber Rental
The Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber Rental is a fully-integrated scrubber-sweeper, the Tennant M30 sweeper scrubber rental is engineered for dependable, industrial-strength cleaning. The Tennant M30 rental can pick up small debris while scrubbing. Also Available in Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, and Costa Mesa. The Tennant 550 / 1550 Rider Sweeper Scrubber Rental is our largest Sweeper Scrubber unit. with 120 gal capacity solution and recovery tanks, there's no job to big for the Tennant 550 1550 Sweeper Scrubber Rental.

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We Rent Floor Scrubber Equipment Rentals in the Southern California and surrounding Orange County area
ndustrial floor cleaning machines rentals

For all types of concrete floor scrubbing rental equipment, you will need to determine the area of the floor to be cleaned. Rental floor scrubber cleaning equipment is rated by coverage area or square footage. For example if you use a smaller unit (walk behind floor scrubber) you will be making more trips back to empty or refill the dirty and clean water tanks with water and solution, and more passes back and fourth to cover the same amount of area as a larger unit. A larger floor scrubber rental unit will take less time to cover that same area, will have to empty and refill the tanks less and will complete the job faster. If you're not sure which machine is best for your concrete cleaning application, just ask our staff. A smaller floor scrubber rental unit may work better for you if you have small area's or narrow isle ways a larger rider unit cannot get into. Remember that severely dirty, oily, and rough concrete floors will reduce the range of the unit. Speak with our sweeper and floor scrubber equipment rental department about these situations. There are special solutions, brushes, and accessories to make the job go easier and faster. Our Industrial warehouse cleaning floor scrubber rentals are the highest performing warehouse floor scrubber rental machines in the industry. Unlike most equipment rental yards, our floor scrubber rentals receive maintenance after every rental. All of our floor scrubber rentals are automatic meaning you simply ride, or walk behind the floor scrubber, and it takes care of the cleaning for you. We can usually deliver a floor cleaning equipment rental to your Los Angeles, Orange County, or Riverside facility within 24 hours of your call.

When we deliver your Industrial floor cleaning machines rental
, a trained technician will show your operator how to properly use the floor scrubber rental and will answer any questions you might have. So book your warehouse floor cleaning equipment rental today and clean up that warehouse.