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Viper North America, is a manufacturer of exceptional quality, highly profitable floor scrubber maintenance equipment. Viper is operated by people you have come to know, respect and trust, the founders of Nobles high equality floor scrubber cleaning machines.

Viper is offering standard professional floor scrubber cleaning equipment, which gives our customers the following main features and benefits:Viper automatic floor scrubbers are built to tackle everything from small area floor cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, store aisle floor cleaning and large area floor scrubbing.

  • Easy-to-use, no training needed, which is cost reducing
  • Robust and reliable products, which give longer lifetime and always ready to use
  • Easy to service gives our customers lower maintenance costs
  • The best “Quality/Price” ratio in its segment

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Viper Fang 26T / 28T Floor Scrubber Viper Fang32T Floor Scrubber
List Price: $10,660.00
Our Price: $6,349.00
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List Price: $14,378.00
Our Price: $9,590.00
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Viper Fang 26T / 28T Floor Scrubber Viper Fang 32T Floor Scrubber
The Viper Fang 26T and 28T automatic floor scrubber keeps the weight of your solution consistently in the center of the Fang Floor Scrubber machine, between the wheels making it easy to maneuver, even in tight situations. A new anti-foam system prevents foam from reaching the vacuum motor, providing greater reliability and extending vacuum motor life. The Viper Fang 32T floor scrubber wouldn't be a Viper if it weren't built for maximum cleaning performance. This impressive floor scrubber has a max coverage rate of 34,560-square-feet per hour, cleaning path of 32 inches, and variable speed controls to cover a lot of ground. With up to 5 hours of battery running time per charge, the Fang will keep your operation moving, while the 3-stage vacuum motor and 200-rpm brush motor pushes the limits of power for a compact auto floor scrubber.