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We Rent Sweepers in the following Southern California area's:

Our trained Sweeper rental equipment technicians will show you how to operate your sweeper rental cleaning equipment if you've never operated a power sweeper before. Renting a sweeper will help you save time and money by renting directly from us! Many general equipment rental yards will sub rent our sweepers rentals because their sweeper rental equipment is not in working order! Don't risk renting an inferior sweeper from some general equipment rental yard. These places will rent you just about anything. You'll find that the larger chain equipment rental yards do not maintenance much of their sweeper rental equipment if at all (worn out brooms, dead batteries, worn flaps).

Have a construction site you need to keep swept, or a warehouse with a large amount of debris you need to sweep up, we'll make sure you get the right sweeper rental for your application.

We deal solely with Sweepers and Floor Scrubber floor cleaning equipment in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, area's and all of our sweeper rentals are fully maintained and ready to sweep when delivered.

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