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Tennant T7 floor scrubber Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber
List Price: $14,352.00
Our Price: $6,749.00
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Our Price: $26,499.00
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Tennant T7 floor scrubber Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber
The used Tennant T7 walk behind floor scrubber features the new ECH2O Technology that eliminates the need for detergent. The Tennant T7 is packed full of Tennant's state of the art technology. The Tennant T7 is the perfect compact rider scrubber for almost any application The Tennant T20 as superior Tennant engineering innovations in hydraulic technology, tank clean-out, and engine access reduce maintenance costs. The Tennant T20 has Longer run times, easy brush changes, and quick recovery tank draining make the Tennant T20 a Floor Scrubber machine you can depend on every day of the week.
Reconditioned Tennant 5680 floor scrubber Tennant T1 Corded Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
List Price: $12,397.00
Our Price: $6,250.00
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Our Price: $1,850.00
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Tennant 5680 floor scrubber Reconditioned Tennant T1 Corded Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
The Tennant 5680 floor scrubber is designed to reduce dirt build-up in retail stores, schools, and office buildings with its low profile scrub deck and squeegee assembly. With gear reduction motors, and 2 position scrub deck, no wonder the Tennant 5680 is a favorite. This Reconditioned Tennant T1 corded walk behind floor scrubber is light weight due to being a corded 110v machine with no batteries. With a narrow 15" scrub path it has the power and size to get into narrow area's. With squeegee's in front and behind the brushes this machine picks up water in both directions.
Reconditioned Tennant 5700 floor scrubber 32'' Tennant T17 Rider Floor Scrubber Reconditioned
List Price: $11,624.00
Our Price: $6,990.00
Sale Price: $5,990.00
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Our Price: $25,499.00
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Tennant 5700 cylindrical floor scrubber Tennant T17 Rider floor scrubber Reconditioned
The Tennant 5700 walk behind electric floor scrubber machine is available in 32'' wide scrub path. The Tennant 5700 automatic floor scrubber features either cylindrical brushes, or disk brushes that offer aggressive scrubbing that works well on just about any concrete surface. Recommended for medium sized factory, warehouse, or any indoor area. The Tennant T17 floor scrubber delivers high quality floor cleaning results on practically every hard surfaced floor. Easily maintain polished floors or scrub away ground in dirt in a fraction of the time it takes when implementing other cleaning methods. With the single button scrub operation feature, training is kept simple; simply push the start button and go.

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Names like Tennant, Powerboss, American Lincoln, Nilfisk Advance, Factory Cat, Tomcat, Nobles, minuteman, and Clarke floor cleaning equipment..

Some people refer to them as "Zamboni's" but these large floor scrubbers are designed for concrete floors. We offer Sweeper and Floor Scrubber Equipment Service, floor Cleaning Chemicals, solution, Parts, Repair, and Sales in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, and San Diego county's.

In this hard time of business we offer Industrial sweepers and floor scrubbers along with various types of floor cleaning equipment so even if you can't afford to purchase a piece of floor cleaning equipment, we can still help you get your facility, warehouse, or parking structure floor clean at a price you can easily afford.

In the event you need your warehouse or facility floor cleaned for you, we can even do that too. We have the right floor cleaning equipment, and experience to clean any parking garage, Industrial warehouse, or factory no matter what size. Ask about our warehouse cleaning service.

Finding the right floor scrubber soap, or cleaning solution / detergent for your floor scrubber can be tough, let us help you with a floor cleaning soap specially formulated for your floor scrubber. A low foaming solution that will not damage your machine, or leave a soap residue on your freshly cleaned concrete floors.