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The Tennant 6650 industrial parking lot Sweeper can clean a variety of surfaces, including cement and cobblestone. This mid-sized power sweeper features a II-Speed main broom, a 23 inch wide side broom, 45 inch long main broom, and a spring-loaded side brush arm. The Tennant 6650 rider sweeper is the perfect mid-sized parking lot sweeper for small to large parking lots, factory, or construction sites. With hydrostatic drive, 4 cyl. GM motor, and a reliable hydraulic system, Available with or without overhead guard or enclosed cab.

Operating a Tennant 6650 power sweeper is as easy as driving your car. Just start the engine, press the 1Step button, control the machine speed via a foot pedal and steer. That’s all there is to it. That’s right, pressing just one button starts all sweeping functions: opening the hopper door, lowering the main and side brushes (and turning them on), turning on the vacuum fan and increasing the engine speed to normal brush operating speed. How’s that for easy?

Your operators will sweep with the industrial Tennant 6650 sweeper in style and comfort increasing productivity. To reduce operator fatigue Tennant added a floating seat as a standard feature that includes a seat belt. What’s more, the Tennant 6650 seat is adjustable to the rider sweeper operator’s weight and travels two inches up and down making for a much smoother ride.

Color-coded main brush adjustment and wear indicator takes the guesswork out of brush adjustment. A properly adjusted main brush gives the optimum sweeping performance. Tennant's exclusive Brush Wear Optimizer features color-coded brush settings based on wear and tear taking the guesswork out of adjusting the main brush and notifying the operator when the brush needs replacement.

Super size hydraulic oil filter keeps the oil clean while protecting expensive hydraulic components. The Tennant 6650 extra-large hydraulic oil filter has the capacity to filter maximum oil flow for extended operating periods keeping the hydraulic oil clean while protecting expensive components.

Built to operate in your world and backed by a name you can trust. For more than 130 years Tennant has been providing innovative cleaning solutions with floor care equipment well known for its quality and rugged durability.

Unit Info:
Year: 2005 GM 4 cyl. gas motor
New Brooms
New Flaps
New Filters
New Paint Decals
90 days parts warranty
Fully Serviced and Reliable

Tennant 6650 Sweeper Specs:

Tennant 6650 Sweeper Dimensions
Length 2360 mm (93 in)Width 1590 mm (62.5 in)
Height 1475 mm (58 in)
Height with overhead guard 2080 mm (82 in)
Height with overhead guard and hazard light 2270 mm (89.5 in)
Height with cab 2100 mm (82.62 in)
Height with cab and hazard light 2285 mm (90 in)
Track 1345 mm (53 in)
Wheelbase 1135 mm (44.75 in)
Main brush diameter 355 mm (14 in)
Main brush length 1145 mm (45 in)
Side brush diameter 585 mm (23 in)
Sweeping path width 1145 mm (45 in)
Sweeping path width with side brush 1525 mm (60 in)
Main brush pattern width 50 to 65 mm (2.0 to 2.5 in)
Hopper weight capacity 545 kg (1200 lb)
Hopper volume capacity 396 L (14 cu ft)
Dust filter area 6.9 m
(74 sq ft)
GVWR 1927 kg (4250 lb)
Sound level 80 dBa
Ceiling height minimum dumping clearance 2745 mm (9 ft)
Item Measure
Maximum forward speed 13.7 kmh (8.5 mph)
Maximum reverse speed 4.0 kmh (2.5 mph)
Minimum aisle turn width, left 2870 mm (113 in)
Minimum aisle turn width, right 4725 mm (186 in)
Maximum rated climb and descent angle 6


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