Reconditioned Tennant 3640 walk behind vacuum sweeper

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Tennant 3640 sweeper

The Tennant 3640 sweeper is simple to operates simple to maintain. Most of all, it should be simple for the operators to get the best results possible, time after time. The Tennant 3640 sweeper elevates simple to a whole new level. To make it truly simple, Tennant engineers made some revolutionary decisions. The fewer parts in a sweeper, the fewer things that can go wrong so the easier to use and maintain. How to reduce the number of parts in the machine was the question. The answer was a one-piece, roto-moulded frame that reduces hundreds of frame parts to just one. It reduces vibration, prolongs machine life and reduces operator fatigue. The same is true of the one-pieced hopper. Because they are made of non-corroding, impact resistent plastic, they can last longer than conventional metal assemblies. A no-maintenance transaxle adds forward and reverse power. The hopper tips forward for easy emptying. Controls are all within easy reach. Engine or batteries are readily accessible. Brush changes require no tool or adjustment.

Tennant 3640 Key reliability and performance features

Variable speed propelling system reduces user fatigue. When adapted for outdoor use, the tennant 3640 sweeper goes where other machines will not, including over uneven surfaces. Keep maintenance simple with the easy-to-access engine and no-tool brush changes. Key available features Dual side brushes extend the reach of the tennant 3640 sweeper for greater productivity. The outdoor package includes wider pneumatic tires and larger front casters. Optional hopper dump-assist handle tilts the hopper out of its cradle to roll it away and facilitate easy dumping. Panel filter with an optional timed shaker provides better dust control.

Unit Includes:
  • New Battery Charger
  • New Deep Cycle Batteries
  • New Brooms
  • New Flaps
  • New Filters
  • Optional Vacuum Wand Attachment
  • 90 days parts warranty
  • Fully Serviced, Tested, and Reliable

Tennant 3640 sweeper Specs:
Cleaning path-single side brush Dual side brush G/LPG: 32-inch/810 mm 40-inch/ 1015 mm Battery: 32-inch/ 810 mm 40-inch/ 1015 mm
Main brush Main brush length
Main brush lift
Main brush change
Brush speed Side brush
Side brush diameter 24-inch/ 610 mm
Hand lever No-tool 430 rpm 16.5-inch/ 420 mm Debris hopper
Volume capacity (sand) Volume capacity (litter) Weight capacity 1.5 ft³/ 42 liter 3.0 ft³/ 85 liter 130 lb/ 59 kg
Dust Control System
Filtration level of panel filter 92% @ 3 Microns Filter area 39 ft²/ 3.6 m²
Vacuum fan speed 5900 rpm 5350 rpm
Vacuum diameter 9-inch/ 230 mm
Propelling System Propel speed forward (3 speeds/ infinitely variable to) 3.3 mph/ 5.3 km/h 2.9 mph/ 4.6 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to) 1.4 mph/ 2.25 km/h 1.3 mph/ 2.25 km/h
Motor: electric propelling N/A 1.0 hp/ 0.75 kW
Engine gasoline/LP GMC 3 liter 6.0 hp/ 4.48 kW N/A
Gradeability (Ramp climb) Full hopper Empty hopper 8.0º/ 14.1% 8.0º/ 14.1%
Miscellaneous Run Time: 130 Amp / Hr 215 Amp / Hr Note: Actual runtimes may very depending on options installed and application. N/A N/A 2.0 to 3.0 hrs 2.5 to 4.5 hrs
Sound Level (At operators ear) N/A 71 dBa
Machine Dimensions Length (varies w/ hand position) 56.25-58-inch/ 1428-1475 mm 56.25-58-inch/ 1428-1475 mm Machine Width (frame) 32.25-inch/ 819 mm 32.25-inch/ 819 mm
Height (varies w/ hand position) 34.7-37.7-inch/ 881-960 mm 34.7-37.7-inch/ 881-960 mm
Weight (net) Net (empty) 130 AH
batteries Net (empty) 215 AH batteries 317 lb/ 144 kg 385 lb/ 175 kg 485 lb/ 220 kg

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