Reconditioned Tennant 5680 floor scrubber

Scrub Deck Size: 28 Inch Disk Head
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The Tennant 5680 floor scrubber is designed to reduce dirt build-up in hard to reach areas due to its unique low profile scrub deck and squeegee assembly. The two position scrub head down pressure allows for daily or heavy scrubbing cleaning jobs. The Tennant 5680 floor scrubbers are one of the few automatic floor scrubber machines that come with 2 wheel drive, a huge advantage on slick wet floors. The parabolic squeegee assembly ensures optimal solution recovery even around the tight corners. Achieve consistent scrubbing performance with the floating scrub head assembly and swivel mounted pad drivers which follow irregularities on the floor surface. The Tennant 5680 floor scrubber is user friendly. It's Quick-Train operator console employs a simple 4-step diagram to guide new operators through the basic steps to properly operate the machine. New operators will find the Tennant 5680 simple and easy to use, with no complicated controls or adjustments.

Now available with cylindrical scrubbing brushes, the Tennant 5680 is designed to tackle the demands of commercial environments. From the impact absorbing head linkage to the tough corrosion resistant scrub deck and squeegee assembly, to the foam filled tires that never go flat, the Tennant 5680 is designed to stand up to the most demanding applications. The Tennant 5680 cleans in areas that most automatic scrubbers can't including toe-kick/base board areas.

  • New batteries (1 year warranty)
  • New Hoses
  • New casters
  • New Squeegee's
  • New vacuum motor
  • New seals / filter
  • New Skirts
  • And much more
  • 90 days parts warranty
  • Rebuilt and Reliable
Tennant 5680 Floor Scrubber Specs:

Height 43 in 1090 mm
Length 64-66.5 in 1625-1690 mm
Width (body) 28.25 in 720 mm
Width (w/scrub head) 30-38 in 760-965 mm
Width (w/squeegee) 37.5-45.5 in 955-1155 mm
Weight (w/standard batteries) 805 lb 366 kg
Scrubbing Path 28, 32, 36 in 700, 800, 900 mm
Scrub brush/pad 2 disks –
Motor, disk 0.75 hp 0.56 kW
Brush speed 200 rpm –
Down Pressure 100/200 lb 45/91 kg
Solution tank 30 gal 114 L
Recovery tank 30 gal 114 L
Demisting chamber 10 gal 38 L
Vacuum fan (14000 rpm) 0.8 hp 0.6 kW
Transaxle motor 0.5 hp 0.37 kW


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