Reconditioned Tennant 5700 floor scrubber

Scrub Deck Size: 32 inch disk head
Sale price$5,995.00

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The Tennant 5700 walk behind auto floor scrubber machine is available in 32'' and 28'' wide scrub path. The Tennant 5700 floor scrubber picks up all of the solution it puts down leaving the floor virtually dry. The Tennant 5700 features either cylindrical brushes, or disk brushes that work well on just about any concrete surface. Recommended for small to medium sized indoor area's. With the tenacious power of the Tennant 5700 walk-behind scrubber, nothing stands in the way of clean floors. Two aggressive scrubbing brushes apply up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) of down pressure to dislodge and pick up stubborn dirt, grime, oil, or sand, even nuts and bolts.


  • New brushes / Pad holders
  • New batteries (1 year warranty)
  • New Hoses
  • New casters
  • New Squeegee's
  • Rebuilt brush motors
  • Rebuilt drive motor
  • Rebuilt Differential
  • New vacuum motor
  • New seals / filter
  • 90 days parts warranty

Tennant 5700 Floor Scrubber Specs:
28 in/700 mm 32 in/800 mm 36 in/900 mm Scrub heads
Productivity (per hour)
Theoretical Max 33,320 ft2/3,095 m2 38,080 ft2/3,540 m2 42,840 ft2/3,980 m2
Estimated Coverage*
Conventional 20,800 ft2/1,930 m2 24,000 ft2/2,230 m2 27,200 ft2/2,530 m2
Product width
Without squeegee 30 in/762 mm 34 in/864 mm 38 in/965 mm
With squeegee 37.5 in/950 mm 42 in/1070 mm 45.5 in/1160 mm
Product height 43 in/1090 mm
Product length
Disc 64 in/1625 mm
Cylindrical 63 in/1600 mm
Product weight
(with batteries) 817 lbs/371 kg
Brush/Pad Drive System
Brush motor horsepower (2)
Disc 0.6 hp 0.6 hp(std)/1.0 hp (heavy-duty) 1.0 hp
Cylindrical (all sizes) 0.75 hp
Brush RPM
Disc 320 RPM(std)/300 RPM(heavy-duty)
Cylindrical 750 RPM
Brush/pad pressure
Disc 0–200 lb/0–91 kg
Cylindrical 0–90 lb/0–41 kg
(up to 300 lb/136 kg on 32 in heavy-duty disc model)
Solution Delivery System
Solution capacity 30 gal/114 liter
Solution flow rate
Conventional 0–1.5 gpm/5.7 lpm
FaST 0.22 gpm/0.8 lpm
Recovery System
Recovery tank capacity 40 gal/151 liter
Vacuum motor 0.8 hp/0.6 kW
Vac motor CFM 65 cfm/1.84 cmm
Vac motor sealed waterlift 73 in/1854 mm
Battery System
System voltage 36 volt
Battery amp hour rating (Standard) 235 AH @ 20 hr
Battery amp hour rating (Optional) 335 AH @ 20 hr
Battery run time (continuous cleaning rating) 3.5 hours (235 AH)/4.5 hours (335 AH)
Decibel Rating
Operator’s position 75 dBa


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