Reconditioned Tennant 6600 sweeper

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Long-lasting durability

The Tennant 6600 sweeper can adjust brushes using a no-guess, color-coded system that maximizes brush life, and expect consistent performance, despite harsh and demanding environments, with its rugged steel T-beam superstructure, powerful triple hydraulic pumps, a corrosion-resistant DuramerTM polyethylene hopper and triple sealed electrical connectors.

Maximum dust filtration

The Perma-FilterTM on the Tennant 6600 removes 60 percent of dust before it reaches the panel filter, and with the tight seal made by dual dust side skirts, virtually no airborne dust escapes during sweeping.

Safety and comfort

Operator comfort and protection come naturally with the Tennant 6600's standard safety features., including a hopper-fire warning system and low- noise operation. The Tennant 6600 is also UL labeled.

Tennant 6600 Info:

Engine: GM 4 cyl. LP motor
New Brooms
New Flaps
New Filter
90 days parts warranty
Fully Serviced and Reliable


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