Tennant 7400 floor scrubber Reconditioned

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The Tennant 7400 rider floor scrubber features 2 high speed cylindrical brushes that offer aggressive scrubbing that works well on just about any surface.

The industry standard for riding floor scrubbers, the Tennant 7400 offers long-lasting, reliable performance. Combined with simple, dependable operation, the Tennant 7400 will consistently meet your high standards for cleanliness, safety, and productivity. The Tennant 7400 is aggressive enough to clean the dirtiest floors, and durable enough to withstand the most abusive environments, Dramatically reduce the need for operator judgment and the potential for operator error with the Tennant 7400’s simple one-button touch control panel. 

New main brushes
Rebuilt Ford 4 cyl. Industrial motor
Rebuilt Hydraulic motors
New Paint
New Battery
New Squeegee's
New Seat
90 days parts warranty
Fully Serviced and Reliable
Scrubbing System
Scrubbing path standard 45 inch 1140 mm
Scrubbing path w/side brush 57 inch 1450 mm
Solution tank 70 gallons 265 liters
Recovery tank 72 gallons 272 liters
Demisting chamber 34 gallons 129 liters
Brush speed 400 rpm 400 rpm
Brush length (2 main) 45 inch 1140 mm
Hopper volume capacity 1.5 cubic feet 42 liters
Solution recycling tank (ES option) 105 gallons 397 liters
Detergent tank (ES option) 6.7 gallons 25 liters
Propelling System
Transport @ gross weight 8.0 deg/14.1% 8.0 deg/14.1%
Working (scrubbing) 6.0 deg/10.5% 6.0 deg/10.5%
Propel speed forward (variable to) 8 mph 12.9 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to) 4 mph 6.4 km/h
Engine gasoline/LPG 55 hp GMC 41 kW GMC
Engine diesel 37.5 hp Kubota 28 kW Kubota
Machine Dimensions
Length (without side brush) 97 inch 2460 mm
Width (without side brush) 60 inch 1525 mm
Height w/ overhead guard 80.5 inch 2045 mm
Height w/o overhead guard 58 inch 1475 mm
Net weight w/o overhead guard (empty) 3299 lb 1496 kg
Minimum aisle turn, left 125.5 inch 3190 mm


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