Tennant 830-II Street Sweeper

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Tennant 830-II Sweeper
Year: 2001
Hours: 4,500
Engine: Turbo Diesel

Innovative dry-dust control improves ambient air quality by sucking up dust and dirt stirred up by brushes. Powerful. Easy to use. Maneuverable. Compact. The Model 830-II sweeper offers all of this and more, including a state-of-the-art dry-dust control system that is simply the best in the business. The 830-II’s excellent sweeping ability begins with a self-adjusting, center-point-suspended main brush that efficiently picks up sand, dirt, rocks, broken glass and bulky light debris. Main brush dust is pulled by twin, high-volume vacuum fans into a long-lasting, high-capacity filter to remove dust particles and exhaust clean air. And there’s more. One-button sweeping makes operation easy and requires less training time; an unobstructed view ensures a clear view of the sweeping area and bystander safety; and finally, fourwheel steering allows the machine to maneuver easily around obstacles, corners and heavy traffic. Productivity-Enhancing Options • Waterless side brush dust control for areas incompatible with water. • Vario Sweeping Brush moves in and out, up and down to reach hard-to-access areas on either side of machine. • A 91/2-ft. (2.89 m) high-dump allows discharge into large roll-off bins and dump trucks. 83 The 830-II’s 9-1/2-ft. (2.89 m) high-dump allows for discharge into large roll-offs and dump trucks. The Model 830-II Two high-volume vacuum fans draw dry dust through a large-capacity synthetic-singed polyester filter that effectively prevents dust exhaust. Centrally suspended main brush penetrates contours of any surface for thorough cleaning. Roomy, quiet cab with heaterpressurizer, quad mirrors and spring-suspension luxury seat ensure comfortable ride. Stainless-steel hopper holds up to 3.4 cubic yds. (2.1 cubic m) of debris. Vario Sweeping Brush cleans hard-to-reach areas. Downtown obstacles and congestion pose no problem for the 830-II. Especially effective in cleaning industrial facilities with large amounts of fine dust. One button controls the sweeping functions. Ergonomic touch panel controls all other sweeping and debris-dumping functions. 0-IIPower Sweeper 830-II Power Sweeper Specifications* Dimensions Vacuum wand extends cleaning into hard-to-reach places. Spray nozzle helps dislodge packed debris for better pickup. Power, 4-wheel steering gives the machine impressive maneuverability to easily sweep around obstacles and corners. Propelling System Speed forward 0-25 mph 40 km/h Perkins diesel 90 hp 67 kW Sweeping System Cleaning path - main broom only 51 in 1295 mm - with right side brush 69 in 1750 mm - with dual side brushes 87 in 2210 mm - and auxiliary brush 126 in 3200 mm Hopper volume 3.4 yds3 2600 L Hopper capacity (low dump) 7000 lb 3175 kg Hopper capacity (multi-level dump) 4000 lb 1815 kg Dust Control System Synthetic filter 211 ft2 20 m2 Filter cleaning Hydraulic shaker motor Dimensions Length (w/o Vario Sweeping Brush™) 175 in 4439 mm Width 70 in 1778 mm Height 100 in 2540 mm Weight Base weight 12,500 lb 5670 kg With options 13,600 lb 6170 kg Tennant Value Added Equipment Includes: 4-wheel power steering One button sweeping system activation Sliding glass windows System Monitoring warning lights Premium cloth suspension seat Premium cloth passenger seat Heater/defroster Keyed locks/seat belts Easy-reach controls Optional Equipment 9’6” high dump Right-hand Vario Sweeping Brush Air conditioning Left hand steering operator position Turbo charged diesel engine Vacuum wand Radial tires AM/FM radio/tape deck High pressure sprayer Extra tire Foam-filled tires Engine access step kit Side brush dust control skirting Hydrant fill kit Left-hand side brush Night lighting kit

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