Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber

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This Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber Features:
New main brushes
Rebuilt Hydraulic motors
New Hoses / Seals
New Paint
New Battery
New Squeegee's
New Seat
New Fluids
90 days parts warranty
Fully Serviced and Reliable

Tennant’s M30 Large Integrated Ride-on Sweeper-Scrubber cleans in a single pass to reduce cost of ownership

  • Lower the cost of ownership and reduce the need for multiple machines with an integrated machine that can sweep or scrub or do both at the same time
  • Improve productivity by cleaning in a single pass with the FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system that combines sweeping and scrubbing functions
  • Clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing by using less water with innovative ec-H2O technology, FaST foam activated scrubbing technology or ES® Extended Scrubbing system

    Key machine features of the Tennant M30 Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

    • ErgoSpace™ operator compartment protects the operator with open sightlines and easy-to-use One Touch™ controls
    • EasyOpen™ access allows quick service access to machine parts for easy maintenance and lower cost of ownership
    • Hygenic® tanks with Variable Drain Valves™ allow users to quickly and easily clean and sanitise recovery and solution tanks

      Choose the ideal options to tailor the Tennant M30 Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber to your environment

      • Side brush provides superior edge-cleaning capabilities and maximises productivity
      • 25 ft / 8 m, 2,200 psi on board pressure washer blasts clean hard-to-reach areas
      • Heated or cooled soft cab ensures operator comfort during inclement conditio

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