Tennant 48" Rider Sweeper Scrubber Rental

Rental Duration: 1 Day Rental
Brushes or Pad Holders: Super Abrasive Brushes (Add $15.00)
Cleaning Solution: No Solution
Sale price$575.00

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Rider 48" Sweeper Scrubber Rental Specifications

Make / Models Specifications
  • Tennant Sweeper Scrubber
  • Propel
    Hydrostatic Drive
  • Brush Type: Cylindrical
  • Cleaning Path:
  • Propulsion SpeedScrub at 1.5 mph
  • Recovery Tank:
    95 gal
  • Solution Tank:
    75 gal
  • Weight:
    4,000 lbs.

 The Tennant  Sweeper / Scrubber Rental is a fully-integrated scrubber-sweeper, the Tennant  sweeper scrubber rental is engineered for dependable, industrial-strength cleaning when scrubbing, sweeping or doing both at once. Excellent maneuverability for cleaning in tight areas with front wheel steering and high traction scrubber tires.


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