Tennant T20 Floor Scrubber

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Achieve superior results, increase safety, and reduce total cost of ownership with the Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber

  • The Tennant T20 Rider Scrubber achieves superior cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing, MaxPro2 hydraulic system, and DuraTrack Parabolic Squeegee.
  • Reach a new standard of safety with:
    • Optimized operator ergonomics
    • Hygenic tanks
    • Safe and dry floors with Fast
  • Lower your total cost of ownership and reduce service and maintenance with innovative engineering.

Key reliability and performance features of the Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber

  • Fast (Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology) increases floor traction up to 21%, delivering just-scrubbed floors that are immediately clean, quickly dry, and ready for traffic.
  • This scrubber's EasyRemove Debris Tray makes removal, transport, and emptying the debris tray fast and simple.
  • The Tennant T20 Scrubber's Hygenic Tanks with Variable Drain Valves™ allows users to quickly and easily access, inspect, and sanitize recovery and solution tanks.
  • EasyChange Disk Brushes provide no-hassle access and change during scrubbing operations.

Key available features

  • ES (Extended Scrub System) filters and recycles cleaning solution, extending scrubbing time.
  • On-board spray hose spot cleans and increases flexibility.
  • Side brush provides superior edge-cleaning capabilities and maximum productivity.
  • Squeegee protection kit shields squeegee obstacles.

Integrated Cleaning System

Cleaning path
Cylindrical main brushes 40 in 1,020 mm
Disk main brushes 42 in 1,070 mm
With scrubbing side brush 54 in 1,370 mm
With sweeping side brush (cylindrical only) 56 in 1,420 mm
Cylindrical main brushes
Brush speed 480 rpm 480 rpm
Brush down pressure (up to) 390 lb 177 kg
Brush diameter (2) 12 in 300 mm
Disk main brushes
Brush speed 230 rpm 230 rpm
Brush down pressure (up to) 400 lb 181 kg
Brush diameter (3) 14 in 360 mm
Disk side brush
Brush speed 150 rpm 150 rpm
Scrubbing brush diameter 16 in 410 mm
Sweeping brush diameter (cylindrical) 21 in 530 mm
Solution tank 80 gal 303 L
Solution capacity with ES® 125 gal 473 L
Recovery tank 95 gal 360 L
Demisting chamber 15 gal 57 L
Debris tray
Volume capacity 1.1 ft3 31 L
Weight capacity 110 lb 50 kg
Vacuum fans
Speed 11,000 rpm 11,000 rpm
Water lift 35 in 890 mm
Propelling System
Propel speed forward (variable to) 8.0 mph 13 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to) 4.0 mph 6.4 km/h
Engine-gasoline/LPG (1.6 L) 55 hp 41 kW
Engine-diesel (Kubota) 37.5 hp 28 kW
Transport at gross weight 10.0 deg/18% 10.0 deg/18%
Working (cleaning) 8.0 deg/14% 8.0 deg/14%
Ground clearance 3 in 76 mm
Machine Dimensions
Length 95 in 2,410 mm
Frame 50 in 1,270 mm
Rear squeegee 51 in 1,300 mm
With side brush 58 in 1,470 mm
Height 58 in 1,470 mm
With overhead guard 83.5 in 2,120 mm
Weight (empty) 3,300 lb 1,497 kg
Minimum aisle turn 110 in 2,790 mm


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