Walk Behind 32" Floor Scrubber Rentals

Rental Duration: 1 Day Rental
Scrub Deck: Disk
Brushes or Pad Holders: Super Abrasive Brushes
Sale price$375.00

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General Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Rental Specifications

Make / Models Specifications
Tennant 32" Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Rental
Transport Drive
Brush Speed: 220 rpm, 320 rpm
Cleaning Path:
Propulsion Speed: 0-3.0 mph, 0-3.1 mph
Recovery Tank: 40 gal
Solution Tank: 30 gal
Weight: 950 lbs.
Run-time per Charge 4 hours
Coverage 38,000 Sq Ft. / Hour
Down Pressure
100 lbs.

Cleaning Solution available:

  • No Solution
  • 5 gal. Scrub Soap 
  • 55 gal. Drum Scrub Soap 

The Tennant walk behind floor scrubber rental is available in 32'' wide scrub path. The Tennant walk behind floor scrubber rental picks up all of the solution it puts down leaving the floor virtually dry. The Tennant Walk behind floor scrubber rental features 16'' disk brushes that work well on just about any concrete surface. Recommended for small to medium sized indoor area's. With the tenacious power of the Tennant walk-behind scrubber rental, nothing stands in the way of clean floors. Two aggressive scrubbing brushes apply up to 100 lbs. of down pressure to dislodge and pick up stubborn dirt, grime, oil, or sand. Make short work of forklift tire marks or grease and grime on your warehouse floors.

These walk behind floor scrubbers work great on tile, concrete, coated concrete, and vinyl covered floors. Be sure to tell us what type of floor you'll be using the walk behind floor scrubber on, based on that we can tell you what brushes you need, or if the cylindrical sweeper scrubber version would better fit your application. Rent the walk behind Tennant floor scrubber daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis to keep your facility floors clean. Ask about our rent to buy program, we also provide the optional floor scrubber soap along with our walk behind floor scrubber rentals.


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